Wednesday, 12 October 2011


  • You have the power and the opportunity to change your life. You can make anything you want of it.
  • It's not difficult, it just takes some effort.
  • See things, as you would have them be instead of as they are.
  • Your personal plan must focus on what you want, not on what you have.
  • Your imagination will show you how to turn possibility into reality.
  • Visualize your goals and your subconscious will work toward making those mental pictures come true.
  • When you picture yourself vividly as winning that alone will contribute immeasurably to your success.
  • Knowing your destination is all you need to get there.


Rubina said...

This is a very wise and useful article that "make your dreams a Reality" Its true that without dreams we don't have a reason to do what we do.If you have dreams you have to have hope, without dreams you have no hope, and without hope you never see your dreams come to life. Keep your dreams alive and you keep your hope alive,persistence breeds success.

Anonymous said...


sajjad said...

I have a point. Its good to have dream and try to work for it. Most of the time if you are lucky you get it and u feel very refreshing and confident. But once in a while you fail in your dream as well. The taste of that failure is very bitter and sometime it stops you from some of your precious dreams which you want to fulfill.