Sunday, 11 March 2012

Don’t Let Sorrow In!

She was a poor woman - a widow who had braved many a calamity in the course of her life. Misfortune and tragedy had dogged her footsteps. And yet, she always wore a lovely smile on her face. Serenity seemed to envelop her presence; and peace dwelt in her heart.

Everyone who met her marvelled at her courage. How could she remain so calm and serene amidst the turbulence of her life? What was the secret of her inner peace?

To those who asked her these questions, she replied, "All the water in the sea cannot make a ship sink. But if the water gets inside the ship, it soon sinks without a trace. So it is with sorrow. Sorrow cannot drown you unless you allow it to get inside you!"

How true it is that we can float safely on the sea of life as long as we don't allow our sorrows and troubles to get inside us! For, if we do, we will surely drown in the depths of depression. 

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